VAB Controller©

Vehicle Automated Battery/Block Controller and Monitoring System

The VAB Controller© is being developed specifically to increase the efficiency and life of batteries that are being used in extreme temperature conditions. It is the first battery technology being developed under the joint venture between Far Resources and BMUSA.

The aim of the joint venture is to advance and commercialize battery-related technologies in order to generate revenue and to become self-sustainable. This, in turn, will allow the company to finance and advance additional technologies under the JV, and to advance and develop assets in our battery raw materials (mineral) portfolio, including the Zoro Lithium Project

About the VAB Controller©

The VAB Controller© is a control system that incorporates temperature sensors and monitoring functions to independently detect battery and engine conditions, and automatically reports when they exceed normal operating parameters. The system includes real-time monitoring of battery voltage, temperature, oil, engine block and coolant temperature, which it then records along with the relevant time-stamped data and is automatically uploaded to owners’ or fleet managers’ systems, thus alerting them to possible maintenance issues before they become problems in the field.

The system has been designed specifically for use in vehicles operating in extreme temperature conditions, where battery efficiency is often severely impaired.

The VAB controller© is unique in that when the vehicle is not being operated, incoming data is utilized to initiate, control and manage battery charging and warming as well as oil and engine block temperature. A universal interface, which works with the vehicle’s existing data port and ancillary warming and charging equipment, therefore provides ready-to-start capability which is achieved by optimizing the battery state-of-charge, and automatic temperature control of the engine block and batteries, thus significantly improving battery efficiency while reducing both operating and maintenance costs.

Our prototype design provides a ruggedized construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions, along with a simplified plug and play installation process. The final product will come in various vehicle-specific models to ensure that the units are optimized both in terms of hardware and software.

Our target market is any and every vehicle that is exposed to extreme weather conditions., This includes over the road (long haul) vehicles, service vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, snow grooming and Artic exploration vehicles, marine vessels and stationary installations of batteries exposed to very low temperatures. This system was designed specifically for the markets of northern US States, Canada and other similar areas around the world. However, being designed for harsh and changing conditions, and with the current climate changes being seen around the globe, this is a system that is demanded globally.

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