BattMat Technologies Inc. Joint Venture

Far is working in conjunction with BattMat Technologies Inc., through our joint venture and the Electric Blue Research Vessel to develop, test, advance and commercialise battery-centred technologies and applications, including systems for distributed power, marine power and energy storage.

The BattMat team has extensive experience with evaluation, testing, design and integration of battery-related systems as well as with technology commercialisation and financing issues. BattMat seeks to identify the benefits, risks and trade-offs as well as implications of market trends for participants in the value chain.

Sustainable Technology Goals

FAR Resources had a number of strategic goals to achieve regarding Sustainable Technology. These goals are:

Valuation Growth by incubating select technological/industrial opportunities.

Creating cashflow via commercialization of supported technologies.

Establishment of relationships within the entire supply chain increasing the exposure of FAR's existing and future battery related mineral assets.

Introducing a new set of stakeholders to FAR with similar beliefs.

These goals caused our Joint Venture with BattMat Technology Inc. We're out there in the battery world assisting inventors, technologists, investors, and resource extractors solve real problems.

Joint Venture Results

Lithium Batteries

Lithium based batteries have been deployed in a wide range of energy-storage applications, ranging from energy-type batteries of a few kilowatt-hours in residential systems with rooftop photovoltaic arrays to multi-megawatt containerised batteries for the provision of grid ancillary services. FAR looks to participate in the advancement of technologies that increase the life and efficiency of various battery arrays.

Solar Research Vessel

FAR is proud to sponsor the Electric Blue Solar Research Vessel. A 40’ Trimaran, it is the largest 100% solar/battery powered boat in North America. It is the testing platform for a variety of technologies, including management and power controls, and autonomous and remote control drive functions.

Grid Power

Grid power is continually being enhanced and expanded. FAR is currently, and will continue to, evaluate technologies and projects in this area. These include grid storage, transmission projects, and sustainable generation technologies.

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